1998 - 2018

20 Years

Rogers Electric Motor Service is an ISO 9001 certified Electric Motor Repair Company with facilities in New Brunswick and Newfoundland & Labrador. Both facilities are capable of servicing electrical motors of all makes, models and sizes.

  • Rogers Electric & Machine Modernized Expansion


  • Rogers Launches Machinery Division


  • Labrador Shop Constructed


  • Bathurst Shop Expansion


  • Rogers Launches First Motor Management System


  • Rogers Expands Into Labrador Market


  • Rogers Develops Inventory Management System for McCain Foods


  • Rogers Becomes Key Provider for Northern NB Sawmills


  • Rogers Electric Motor Service (1998) Relocates to Bathurst Industrial Park


  • New Ownership!


Stator Motor Rewind Timelapse

This is a AC generator stator rewind. This video is approximately 7 minutes long but took 9 days from dismantle to completion.


Rogers Electric's ability to be on call 24/7 is critically important to us when we need something. Things don't break between 8-4.

Ryan MacNaughton,

Nova Scotia Power