Quality Commitment

Our Commitment to Quality

Rogers Electric Motor Service is an ISO 9001 certified Electric Motor Repair Company.

Highly Trained Staff Modern Facilities Commitment to Quality

Highly Trained Staff

Modern Facilities

Commitment to Quality

Rogers Electric Motor Service holds certificate No: FS 547443 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for the following scope:

Sales, service and repair of AC and DC electric motors, industrial pumps, gear reducers, vacuum pumps, generators, and power tools.  Rogers also performs dynamic balancing, laser alignment, vibration analysis, machining, custom fabrication and on site diagnostic and repair work for industrial and commercial clients.

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Large capacity coil winding

  • In house pole and rotor winding 

Large Capacity Machine Shop

  •    Complete in-house machine shop 
  •     Rebuild shaft and housing fits
  •     Shaft replacements
  •     Commutator resurfacing, undercutting, and beveling
  •     Traction motor refurbishments
  •     Large capacity machining
  •     Heavy Lifting capabilities
  •     Full time machinists

Load Testing Center

  • Capable of load testing motors
  • Dynometer test set complete with software
  • Reports are supplied to customers and available online

Transportation / Logistics / Delivery

Four trucks cover the provinces of New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and East Coast USA

  • 24-7 availability

Stator Motor Rewind Timelapse

This is a AC generator stator rewind. This video is approximately 7 minutes long but took 9 days from dismantle to completion.

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