Electric Motors

Service & Repair to keep your operation running smoothly.

Rogers Electric has vast experience in the rewinding and servicing of large AC synchronous motors, large AC induction motors and all types of DC traction equipment. We offer on-site service and diagnostics.

Electric Motors

Rogers Electric & Machine is dedicated to being the leader in electric motor repair, sales and maintenance. Rogers Electric is committed to bringing the customer closer to our process. We will use our quality system to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of our services and to continuously improve what we do. We will be guided by our company’s quality motto “Quality by Example” by employing the very latest in electric motor repair technologies and expertise.

  • Electric Motor Repair Experts
  • Largets New Motor Inventory in Atlantic Canada
  • Free Pick up and Delivery
  • All Industries Served
  • 24-7 Support

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Large Temperature Controlled Burn-Off Oven

  • Temperature controlled to minimize damage to the stator in the burn-off process
  • All ovens have a minimal impact on the environment

Transportation / Logistics / Delivery

Four trucks cover the provinces of New Brunswick, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador and East Coast USA

  • 24-7 availability

Testing Panel

  • Capable of testing motors from 115 volts (single phase) up to 4,160 volts (three phase)

Large Capacity Machine Shop

  •    Complete in-house machine shop 
  •     Rebuild shaft and housing fits
  •     Shaft replacements
  •     Commutator resurfacing, undercutting, and beveling
  •     Traction motor refurbishments
  •     Large capacity machining
  •     Heavy Lifting capabilities
  •     Full time machinists

Stator Motor Rewind Timelapse

This is a AC generator stator rewind. This video is approximately 7 minutes long but took 9 days from dismantle to completion.