Motor Management System

Exclusive web-based application.

Our Motor Management System was custom-built to maximize our efficiency in dealing with your company's electric motors. Our system allows you to view the status of your motor while it is being serviced on our shop floor. We keep detailed records of everything related to your motor with plenty of photos documenting the process.

  • Secure Login

    Secure Login

    Web-Based Management

    All clients of Roger's Electric receive login credentials to our secure web-based system. Our user-friendly system gives you access to all equipment and service history within your organization.

  • Dashboard


    Mobile & Desktop Access

    Our custom system provides real-time data of your motor with the goal of providing our clients a detailed service history of each electric motor. As a responsive design, your information is available on mobile devices and tablets.

  • Motor Tracking

    Motor Tracking

    Historical Data

    The MMS will track failure causes and will also store all diagnostic and testing data. This data allows us to do more than just repair an electric motor; it allows us to investigate and determine the root cause of why the motor failed and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

  • Increase Motor Life Cycle

    Increase Motor Life Cycle

    Protect Your Investment

    Insure your motor investments are maintained and serviced to perform optimally as per OEM specifications. At every stage of our service process, our technicians take digital photos of the equipment being serviced and post them in real-time to our MMS. These photos allow us to show our clients exactly what has happened with their electric motors.

  • Custom Reporting

    Custom Reporting

    Multiple File Formats

    From our system functionality is available to export custom reports of each work order. Allowing managers and supervisors to review and verify that your repair was completed as requested.

  • Want to learn more?

    Want to learn more?

    Contact Us

    For more information on our web-based motor management system, please contact us. You may view a demo or learn more about how the Roger's Electric Motor Mangement System can help keep your operation running smoothly.

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Large Temperature Controlled Burn-Off Oven

  • Temperature controlled to minimize damage to the stator in the burn-off process
  • All ovens have a minimal impact on the environment

Cable Reeling

  • Large capacity cable reeling units to provide cable splicing, coupler installations and testing for our mining clients. 

Testing Panel

  • Capable of testing motors from 115 volts (single phase) up to 4,160 volts (three phase)

Core Loss Testing Equipment

  • To verify the condition of the stator integrity before rewind
  • Up to 3,000 HP testing capability
  • All stators are core-loss tested before rewind
  • Testing results provided to clients

Stator Motor Rewind Timelapse

This is a AC generator stator rewind. This video is approximately 7 minutes long but took 9 days from dismantle to completion.

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