Our advantage over our competition is our commitment to quality, modern facilities along with highly trained staff. Our web-based motor management system allows our clients to keep up-to-date in real-time with work being performed on your motors.

Highly Trained Staff Modern Facilities Commitment to Quality

Highly Trained Staff

Modern Facilities

Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

  • ISO 9001-2008 certified (Bathurst Facility - Labrador facility scheduled for ISO audit in Fall 2009)
  • Lean principles applied
  • Company-based quality assurance standards at all levels of production

Modern Facilities

  • Latest and most advanced testing and repair equipment
  • Service motors of all makes, models and sizes
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Located in Northern New Brunswick and Labrador

Highly Trained Staff

  • All cross-trained and empowered to make shop-floor decisions
  • Comprised of Licensed Industrial Electricians, Industrial Mechanics, Machinists, and Certified Electric Motor Rewind Specialists

Motor Management System

  • Custom-built web-based application
  • Allows clients to view work order history
  • View pictures of work in progress
  • Access detailed testing and failure reports
  • Manage your motors efficiently
  • Exclusive to Rogers Electric Motor Service
  • For more information please visit our Motor Management Page.

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Large capacity coil winding

  • In house pole and rotor winding 

Large Capacity Machine Shop

  •    Complete in-house machine shop 
  •     Rebuild shaft and housing fits
  •     Shaft replacements
  •     Commutator resurfacing, undercutting, and beveling
  •     Traction motor refurbishments
  •     Large capacity machining
  •     Heavy Lifting capabilities
  •     Full time machinists

Testing Panel

  • Capable of testing motors from 115 volts (single phase) up to 4,160 volts (three phase)

Load Testing Center

  • Capable of load testing motors
  • Dynometer test set complete with software
  • Reports are supplied to customers and available online

Stator Motor Rewind Timelapse

This is a AC generator stator rewind. This video is approximately 7 minutes long but took 9 days from dismantle to completion.

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